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San Diego PRP specialist Carol Hanselman at Joy Wellness Partners offers platelet-rich plasma therapy, a revolutionary treatment program for aesthetics, orthopedic injuries, hair restoration and sexual dysfunction. This therapy works on a deep level to restore parts of the body and rejuvenate tissues.

Platelet-rich plasma therapy has thrived in popularity as a treatment option to help with pain for athletes or those with chronic pain. Today, physicians rave about using PRP for aesthetic and cosmetic purposes, as well as for treating sexual dysfunction. PRP is also highly regarded in the fields of anti-aging and regenerative medicines because of its ability to restore and regenerate tissues, allowing many women and men to both look and feel more youthful.

How Does Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy Work?

PRP therapy is a powerful procedure that uses a highly concentrated mixture of platelets from your blood to help heal injuries, reduce signs of aging, improve sexual functioning and much more. Once this restorative, highly concentrated mixture is obtained, it is injected into the area being treated to provide healing.

A PRP therapy protocol begins with your doctor or nurse practitioner taking a sample of blood and spinning it down in a centrifuge to extract the powerful growth factors and platelets. These platelets are the first components of blood that arrive when you have an injury, and their presence alerts stem cells to rebuild damaged tissues. Stem cells are known for their unique ability to take the form of any bodily tissue to provide healing. The growth factors from your blood sample stimulate the platelets and stem cells to do their work in rebuilding, restoring and rejuvenating body tissue for amazing results.

Common Complaints that PRP Is Used to Treat:

  • Joint Pain
  • Skin Discoloration
  • Arthritis
  • Wrinkling Skin
  • Sagging or Loose Skin
  • Tendonitis
  • Golfer’s Elbow
  • Sexual Dysfunction

A Quick Procedure with Long-Lasting Benefits

Platelet-rich plasma therapy can be performed in under an hour, and there is typically no downtime required after having a treatment. Most patients report little to no pain with no anesthesia or medications needed (a light numbing cream may be applied per patient request).

PRP doctors often recommend that patients use PRP therapy in conjunction with other therapies in order to achieve optimal results. For aesthetic patients, PRP is often used in addition to lasers, creams, surgery or liposuction. For orthopedic patients, this therapy can be used pre- or post-surgery, and may be used with pain medications.

While the positive effects of many therapies often diminish shortly after treatment, with platelet-rich plasma therapy your results continue to improve over time. Because the platelets, stem cells and growth factors work at a deeper level, full results can often be seen after a few weeks.

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San Diego PRP specialist and nurse practitioner Carol Hanselman at Joy Wellness Partners will help you get started by first documenting your full medical history and learning about your treatment and wellness goals. After performing a thorough assessment, PRP provider Carol Hanselman will design a unique protocol suited to your individual needs. Platelet-rich plasma therapy is proven to help patients alleviate their pain and look years younger by regenerating tissues.

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