Platelet Rich Plasma Sexual Dysfunction

PRP sexual dysfunction therapy is a quick and simple outpatient procedure that uses the natural healing and restorative properties of patients’ own blood to rejuvenate and stimulate the male and female sexual organs. Read on to learn more about PRP for sexual dysfunction and how San Diego PRP Sexual Dysfunction Specialist Carol Hanselman, NP can help.

What is Sexual Dysfunction?

Sexual dysfunction is a broad term that refers to any problem during the sexual response cycle that prevents individuals or couples from experiencing satisfaction from sexual activity. The sexual response cycle includes excitement, plateau, orgasm, arousal and overall sexual desire.

Sexual dysfunction can affect people at any age, although it is more common in those over 40 because it is often related to a decline in health associated with aging. Common forms of sexual dysfunction include the following:

Desire Disorders: a lack of sexual desire or interest in sex.
Arousal Disorders: inability to become physically aroused or excited during sexual activity.
Orgasm Disorders: delay or absence of orgasm.
Pain Disorders: experiencing pain during intercourse.

Platelet Rich Plasma Penis Shot Treatment for Men

Platelet-rich plasma can help men to improve sexual function, sensation, arousal and performance. When PRP is injected into the penis and pelvic area, platelets and growth factors go to work restoring tissue and increasing sensitivity. Many men enjoy noticeable improvements immediately following the injection.

After the procedure, the growth factors and platelets continue to work at an even deeper level, allowing full results to be obtained after several weeks. Men receiving a PRP penis shot can enjoy improved circulation to the penis, as well as greater size and girth.

Platelet Rich Plasma Vaginal Rejuvenation Shot for Women

Platelet-rich plasma vaginal rejuvenation therapy is a virtually painless and non-invasive procedure for restoring vaginal tissues. The concentrated PRP mixture is injected into the vagina and surrounding tissues to improve lubrication, sensation, arousal, tightness and desire.

Using PRP to regenerate tissue can increase clitoral and G-spot stimulation to overall increase sexual enjoyment. PRP therapy can also help women to regain sensation lost due to childbirth or vaginal atrophy that can occur with aging.

Learn More About PRP Therapy for Sexual Dysfunction

Don’t settle for a life without the sexual enjoyment you desire. Learn more about PRP therapy for sexual dysfunction today by contacting San Diego PRP Sexual Dysfunction Specialist , Carol Hanselman. Schedule your PRP therapy consultation with Carol Hanselman, N.P. and discover the ground-breaking possibilities of using of PRP for sexual dysfunction.

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